A clavicle chain than the United States put too much coin

Published: Tuesday 28 July, 2015
For the modern definition of sexy already not just a "chest big ass Alice," more and more people feel that there is room for imagination only sexy at all, the body of goddess "Triangle" fits on this demand, mysterious and sexy. There is a beautiful neck, collarbone and sexy shining white chest, maybe there is a little indistinct groove, is simply perfect. Before the hit series can be seen in major chain clavicle small figure, Tang Yan in the "How silent farewell" which wears Cartier clavicle chain simple and elegant, very charming. Not very exaggerated figure is in line with elegance, with clothing also good to see, no wonder why Chen would be so infatuated memorable Mo Sheng Zhao, really easy to hitch the heart of men and God. AMULETTE DE CARTIER Cartier launched this year a new series of works, in addition to the minimalist style in the end, but also the clavicle chain adds a new definition, Amulette de Cartier series use a unique natural stones, sustenance of good wishes. Colorful rich jewel in a sparkling gold coated, perfectly reflects the people hot emotions. Circular design with gems sector, successful not bloated. Perfect dotted with your collar. Dogeared in the drama "successors" out of the limelight, especially "Wish Bone Wish," money is hot to not. In addition to the impact of the hit series, clavicle chain itself shape is also very lovable, lovable modeling as well as Bulgari launched this year, Diva series. Curved design is like a small talisman to bring good luck. Thin gold chain adorned in the white collar, plus some diamond pieces or or precious stones. Cool summer, refreshing. In addition clavicle chain, this summer there are more multi-choice. This summer, the "brand" of the word special fire, not only because of its well-known brands of meaning, but also because, "tear famous" This simple and crude game, of course, not to be outdone necklace engraved with the name of the necklace worn on the collar. Interesting and meaningful. How can lines stretched neck? How can "ditch" get unlimited extension? How sexy summer playing with the right? A fringed necklace plus a deep V dress or skirt is a perfect match! Even deep V but no ditch, a tassel necklace also make you look charming and glamorous lifestyle. Students have a choice difficult disease, your gospel here, if you really do not know what the necklace out of the band. I do not know how to match to perfection, then you can try the different sizes of necklaces overlapping band together. Of course, in order to prevent the neck like a mess, still I have to remind you about the shot with a rule: in order from top to bottom, and necklace from fine to coarse, from small to large, from simple to complex. If you still do not know how to make good, then Chinese Love Hewitt "Morning" necklace is your only choice, it is not chaos trivial stacked layers. And then with a simple style clothes, perfect.

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