Buy luxury jewelry must-see four truth

Published: Tuesday 28 July, 2015
Everyone loves a gorgeous diamond necklace, expensive metal bracelet or ring excellent workmanship. In this day anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine's Day, choose jewelry as a gift for loved ones would be a good choice. However, the choice of jewelry is not easy to say easily, that is difficult is difficult, because it actually relates to the wearer of the dress and taste. Below, on how he or she would like to choose, I would be willing to wear jewelry tips. 1, to consider the wearer's style, not your preferences. Put aside your personal preferences This is the most difficult in the selection process of jewelry. A gift of your choice may own no more love, but received a gift like like. "The most important thing is that this piece of jewelry to be able to reflect the wearer's taste and personality," Jeffrey Bennett, vice president of Tiffany & Co. New York company said, "you have to take into account her usual dress and then select jewelry can match." There are also some questions that can help you sort out the idea: she would usually wear gold or silver it? She likes gem or diamond you still prefer the metal? She took the necklace, earrings, rings, watches or bracelets it? If not sure, you can ask her friends or relatives, then bad to follow your instincts and go. "Intuition can often bring unexpected gains," the shop owner Zoe Fine Tawnya Warren said. "Pick a representative of a certain quality of her objects - that is, when you think of her when Which quality will give a knowing smile, then you are likely to find." 2, doing homework Jewelry store clerk can help you choose, but you still have to think ahead of some of the rigid requirements substantially. "Quality and technology should also be taken into account," Bennett said. "If you want to pick up a set with gemstones or diamonds, its four c's (cut, color, clarity and carat weight), these are taken into account in advance." About 411 rules mean: diamond's cut, it will affect the overall aesthetic. Here's cut does not refer to the diamond cut diamond is good, but look at the overall proportion and symmetry; diamonds are more reflective the better. (Where "Excellent" is the highest level.) Refers to diamond clarity how many there are impurities, contaminants are better. Diamond color refers to the yellowish hue, the more colorless as possible. (Wherein D, E, F three levels are referred to as "colorless" level.) Carat is different for each person's needs and decisions. (Of course, not the bigger the better.) These four points each point will affect prices. You need to identify some basic mandatory requirements, then compare other factors on this basis. 3, multi-king If you still do not know which one to choose, then you choose a classic style, classic colors and classic shapes that paragraph - round or square diamonds, gold or silver material, peach heart shape, strip, chains, etc. Style - these will never be outdated. Nowadays, you can mix and match jewelry for the wearer is also very important, so at work she can easily match. The Amulette de Cartiersautoir series such as necklaces and bracelets can be worn at the same time meet the multi-layer and single paragraph worn in two ways. Bennett said Tiffany T-Series is the most practical of a series, it can be worn on any occasion. "I would recommend buyers choose T smile Series pendant 18k gold or rose gold. This is a pendant for women of all ages," he said. "As for men, I would recommend a square gold bracelet T Series 18k. Because while wearing this bracelet with a watch or bracelet makes a man look more refined." 4, avoid trendy items For jewelry styles, the new jewelry will always continue to be introduced if the pursuit of the new is often quickly outdated. "You want to avoid falling into the trap of the big trends" Bennett said, she suggested, or to purchase a gift based on two principles. "The first is that it should reflect the wearer's personality, and the second is that it should stand the test of time." Peach heart-shaped jewelry can make people feel very elegant, one to represent if you want to buy I love to pick jewelry or gift for anniversaries or Valentine's Day, so heart-shaped peach is a good choice. Bennett said the Heart is "an ever-popular design styles." If she likes gemstone, then birthstone is a good choice. For jewelry style, you can ask yourself: I've seen it like? If you have seen a similar style of jewelry in her home, you are right! Because Warren said, "Many generations of objects are the ones most people cherish." "Think of her earrings, earrings, bracelets, and bracelets." If you are considering such a case, the jewelry engraved text is optional, special position in the jewelry engraved the words "I love you" it makes the wearer has to read your good. "

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