Cartier House in China's first flagship store in Chengdu grand o

Published: Tuesday 18 August, 2015

April 18, 2015, Cartier House in China's first flagship store in Chengdu grand opening in the Pacific Ocean. Mr. Cartier President and CEO, Mr. Lu Huiquan North Asia Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Lu Yisi went to the opening ceremony of China CEO, Cartier witnessed another important moment in the history of China's development.

Located in Chengdu, the most prosperous of the emerging commercial circle, the Cartier flagship store in Chengdu Pacific Ocean three floors, with a total area of ​​1,000 square meters, it is one of the China's largest brand boutiques. This unique flagship store by the former French President Francois Mitterrand of Queen's designer Bruno? Moyinnade featuring art direction, not only followed the Cartier boutique consistent bronze tone, more creative and aesthetic elements of the Chinese style of Cartier Phase Integration: The appearance of the building using irregular diagonal design, shaped like a tall lanterns, deemed cornices bucket angle pagoda; curtain wall design is also Creative, designers draw inspiration from the Chinese sash windows and doors, use hollow design with a glass wall Shutters decorative surface inside, both to ensure the privacy of the store, also gives architectural beauty full of oriental graceful.

Details store also exudes rich oriental flavor. On the floor of jewelry and watches display area, bronze pillar engraved with "Jane, Fu, Fu, Phoenix" and other auspicious stamp characters, highlights the designer's ingenuity wonderful thought. Boutiques and more all using Chinese classical style furniture, with the overall design concept of the perfect echo. In addition, Cartier signature elements were also cleverly integrated. Among them, connected one to three particularly striking spiral staircase, which winds facial shape like Cartier necklace fine jewelry, and red gradient side of the wall on the stairs, a lifelike Cartier cheetah, king proudly style with a century , we are awaiting the distinguished guests each. Wall hanging boutique on the second floor of forty pieces of precious historical photos and design manuscript, the Cartier stretches nearly 170 years of legend with his right.

Cartier flagship store in Chengdu Pacific Ocean not only ingenuity in building design, also provide customers with a safe and comfortable shopping environment. Shop floor in addition to accessories and jewelry wedding series display area, a special VIP seating area divided; two multifunctional meeting rooms can be used independently but merged provided for visiting guests enjoy privacy and space, so that it can enjoy a more considerate care and services. "Opening of the Pacific Ocean in Chengdu flagship store is an important milestone in Cartier's development in China, indicating that Cartier importance of the Chinese market and confidence in the future development.

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