Cartier interpretation of the essence of beauty - beauty is simp

Published: Friday 21 August, 2015

Cartier is the best in the world jewelry industry representatives, King Edward VII has been acclaimed as "king of jewelers, jeweler of kings." Cartier on behalf of the class, taste, wealth, noble, steadfast and eternal. In the world with approximately 170 boutiques of Cartier, after 150 years of market succinct later, still consistently adhere Cartier ring trinity tri-color gold ring the pursuit of truth, goodness, beauty business philosophy and service concept, this spirit also makes Cartier Keeping Chong Long reputation.

Since its inception, Cartier watch workshops based on the continuous improvement of its innovative organizational features. And customer satisfaction as the core of the basic concept of all decisions, then led to the 2005 launch of the "Cartier created" program. This plan provides employees regardless of which of the processes responsible, must actively listen to customer wishes. This commitment requires participation of all employees, is the key to its continued development, designed to fully guarantee Cartier products and services have superior quality.

Cartier watch workshops blend of modern ideas and traditional watchmaking, to provide unfettered free development space for creativity, precision and innovation, in order to explore new areas of development and to ensure that always strives for excellence Cartier.

Jewelry design needs classic aesthetics, but also add a contemporary interpretation of the spirit, to more contemporary works, so as to be accepted. The historic Cartier have had many important design topics, including the "series of theme creation", "to reproduce the essence of the art of fine jewelry," and so on, these traditional design of Cartier far-reaching. Characteristics of the times combined with traditional craft charm is the highest level senior Cartier jewelry series have been pursuing. In smooth lines, bright colors in clear, Cartier interpretation of the essence of beauty - beauty is simple but not that complicated, that harmony and not in conflict.

Cartier is not only the characterization of high society, but also to witness the eternal love of the classic brand. 100 years, Cartier has witnessed countless eternal eternal love and commitment. So whether people have a certain status, or young couples, Cartier has always convey the irresistible magic of love. Louis Cartier to commemorate the founder of his wife's miss and love, in accordance with her perfume named after the nickname "So Pretty De Cartier" witness more lasting, unique feelings...

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