Cartier jewelry and cheetah story

Published: Thursday 20 August, 2015

In 1914, Cartier presented for the first time on a watch cheetah pattern. Onyx and diamond concentrate the beauty of nature, black and white cross lay out, and create a precedent jewelry spot pattern, indicating that advocate contrasting decorative arts wave coming. In the same year, Louis • Cartier commissioned by the French illustrator George - Barbier draw a watercolor titled "Ladies and cheetah" in. The painting originally was used as exhibition invitations, then they become a brand advertising art.

Paris Peace Street on the 13th, 1949. 152.35 kt bright cabochon sapphire almost as big as table tennis, proud to stand on the sapphire is a diamond cheetah, fur dotted with cabochon sapphire spots. While custom treasures mystery shoppers and praise her husband watched jewelry, Cartier jewelry director Jeong Duchamp stood opposite them together to enjoy their masterpiece, Zhen Duchamp as the only cheetah into a full vitality. And who revel in this jewelry lady is the Duchess of Windsor - a burst of turbulence caused by the storm to the British throne in 1936, the legendary lady. Duchess of Windsor reactions While this is undoubtedly the best affirmation of artistic treasures.

Almost the same time a year ago, two women first met to discuss the idea of ​​a cheetah. That time the Duchess of Windsor just purchased a 116.75 kt rectangular emerald. Zhen Duchamp designed to Fengyun emerald brooch: a cheetah sitting in gold production over the stones, the body is decorated with leopard spots full of black enamel.

Duchess and her husband - former British King Edward VIII, both love this design. However, new challenges emerged: to design a complete mosaic of rare gems of the cheetah, its mosaic manner and process must be feline-specific soft muscles and posture vividly rendered. This piece will record monument Cartier and cheetah profound origins association.

Cartier and cheetah origins began in 1914, Louis Cartier commissioned illustrator George Barbier design one with "ladies and cheetah" is the theme of the invitation card. George Barbier an elegant style from the late Belle Epoque, depicting a young woman, dressed in Paul design folds dress, while a cheetah lying at her feet.

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