Cartier "LOVE" bracelet

Published: Monday 03 August, 2015
Cartier's story from 1847. (Louis Francois Cartier) drive under the master (Adolphe Picard) in Paris Montorgueil Street jewelry shop 29, formally established the Cartier jewelers, Paris at the time, after a scramble for the throne of some turbulence, but also restored the former Huadu Vanity Fair weather, greatly promoted the prosperity Paris jewelery industry. Cartier lucky enough to get a young cousin of Napoleon III, Princess Mathilde's recommendation, the business is growing. In 1902, Cartier opened a shop has moved from Paris to London and New York, New York, becoming the kingdom of Cartier's headquarters. Only two generations from father to son, Cartier has become the world's "King of jewelry." But the real will of the brand to the luxury throne, 1904 Cartier old friend Santos made a gold watch, which watch regardless of design or workmanship are so greatly appreciated Santos, the same year, Cartier jewelry supply the Royal British royal family Manufacturers, behind the aura of winning makes Cartier jewelry to go beyond other brands, became a high society pets, and enduring. With a reputation Kingdom of jewelry, Cartier became the Queen's royal jewelers in Europe and known as "the jeweler of kings, Emperor of the jeweler." British royal family had Cartier Order 27 crown for the coronation. In addition, the Prince of Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, France Orleans family, the Prince of Morocco and Albania's royal family has also appointed the Royal Cartier jewelry business. Cartier "Love" bracelet series, a symbol of faithful love faith, for decades, "Love" bracelet charm always makes Xinjing shaking. Starting from its oval design, like a pair of love "shackles", representing each of the single-minded and like the sea affectionate. Many stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, have always worn "Love" bracelet. In 1938, Queen Elizabeth wearing the smallest watch Cartier bracelet for its design appeared in front of the world, since then, Cartier watches internationally famous. The new millennium, gather more than 150-year history of Cartier jewelry debut in Beijing. Representative Cartier classic works, including Marrakeh and Fleurette diamond necklace, Tetes Croisee rings, Panthere Five Lakada diamond necklace and bracelet watch and so on, each piece is intricate, perfect forging. Full of European sentiment Cartier boutique, just like the East favorite....

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