Cartier "Style epic" exhibition opened in Paris

Published: Wednesday 26 August, 2015

The new exhibition for a period of three and a half, from the Grand Palace Hall of Honor, Chief heritage curator Lauren • Salou US curatorial, will be "Cartier: epic style" as the theme, through the interpretation of the legendary history of Cartier, show the rich artistic ideas and tastes changing times. As the city hall-class brand with flesh and blood, and the return of the Paris exhibition will undoubtedly become the Cartier Collection Global Journey of a monument.

Cartier brand awareness, perhaps to make people ignore this hall-class brand behind a rich and colorful history. In fact, Cartier in the decorative arts history has played an important role. Cartier designs, from classic works to both geometric shapes and exotic new art works are artistic taste and social etiquette Changes vivid proof. Cartier jewelry, clocks, tables, and a variety of beautiful and useful objects, Zeng 20th century's most tasteful elegance humbled and privileged people.

"Cartier: style epic" is an exhibition about art history. As a work of art, Cartier's creativity in the evolution of uses and varied in style to be present. Reading from 1847 to 1970, Cartier's history, provides us with a great opportunity, as if to open the door leading to the plastic arts laboratory depth of this elegant and refined jewelry brand, to explore both those inherent beauty and social functions jewelry and accessories.

More than 600 pieces of jewelry, utensils, watches, and dress, jackets, accessories, furniture, paintings, advertising photography, printmaking and fashion magazines together, to the audience about the artistic ideas and tastes of the times. Exhibition deep traced every step of an important measure brand history of dialysis every style evolution of the root causes of Cartier. More than 200 hand-drawn draft, numerous archival documents (inventory book, creative record books, and related hand-painted shop Heping St. draft, photo, plaster model ......), brought the audience Cartier works behind the scenes story.

The exhibition is on Cartier history of the most important exhibitions, detailed show lay status as Cartier important historical events, and had created all types of work, from the coronation of Emperor ornaments to the most private of utensils: cosmetic case, tobacco boxes and watches - three classical modernist era symbol. All the classic works on the history of Cartier display in this exhibition, the first is a series of exquisite crown, vivid reproduction of the Cartier master craftsman of talent, as well as guests continue to put higher requirements. In order to highlight the importance of Cartier watchmaking for exhibition also exhibited an unprecedented number of mysterious bell, a total of 15, every seat is the mysterious bell aesthetics and workmanship handed down masterpiece.

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