Cartier's high-end luxury world, always adhering to the spirit o

Published: Monday 17 August, 2015

High-end luxury world Cartier, enough to attract the audience and the number of those who have big stars to join the commercial blockbuster channel, whether this is a lack of luxury ostentation stimulate economic recession in the shadow of the symptoms of society? March 4 evening, French TV station TF1 broadcast in prime time 165 anniversary of the brand Cartier epic micro-film "Cartier Odyssey" (in Chinese, CCTV also broadcast simultaneously - Compile Note). The length of 3 minutes and 30 seconds after the long commercials aired in France has attracted 8 million television viewers, "viewing" The number 200,000 less than the "Brave New World" this blockbuster entertainment.

As a creative watchmaking pioneer, Cartier has always uphold the spirit of pioneer, leading the first era, creating a series of classic styling meter: square Santos, rectangular Tank, circular Ballon Bleu ...... while the new Clé de Cartier watches also smooth round also design side, the same brand of bold innovation carries DNA.

This ad micro-film from the well-known French director Bruno Awei Lan directed, in collaboration with more than 50 individuals of Hollywood's top teams from around the world, preparing to shoot took two years, and an international supermodel Sha Luomu Harlow appearance. As a popular luxury brand beloved director, Awei Lan has also directed Perrier advertising, on Louis Vuitton history of film, the "Cartier Odyssey", he re-engaged in a dreamy style, a blend of ultra- Postcards luxurious aesthetics and filled with high-tech adventure legendary narrative, then create an ad with the seven are generally fairly long video ads.

Tablets, E Weilan make marks Cartier cheetah flew across the Eurasian continent, crossing Russia, China, India and other inspired Cartier-inspired local legend, eventually returned to Paris, figurative reproduction Cartier 165 years of proud Historically, in the fierce business arena and write a chapter fairytale poem. Cartier spent 4 one million euros for the film, plus TV advertising for the purchase of 150,000, which appears to be a loss of an account, but it is intended to put the long-term, to this stunning luxury dressed light, shine the international market into every hill.

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