Classic fit a woman's three brands Cartier

Published: Wednesday 19 August, 2015

Tank Tank is one of the most classic series Cartier watch, others are fear war, war never Cartier draw inspiration to create the shape of the tank skillfully used the contour lines and among watch, do have some charm ʱ?? Tank series have many different watch series, British tanks, French tanks, American tanks have subtle differences, French tanks series W51007Q4. French tanks Tank Française watch more like a bracelet watch, very suitable for women to wear, designers boldly curved case placed crawler bracelet center, but did not affect the overall lines of fluency and continuity. Goldsmith design makes the watch more of a noble qualities, 25.35 x 20.3 mm, considered a small watch, 18K yellow K gold octagonal crown set with a synthetic spinel cabochon overall small to fit the slim ladies soft wrist.

Grained silvered dial with black Roman numerals, sword-shaped blue steel hands, so that the wearer to grasp the time at a glance. The overall feeling is very intuitive lines, uphold the same modern design and aesthetic philosophy, a Tank watch the family's iconic series. This table for women in the workplace, very fit.

Table as the name, Ballon Bleu watch as its name suggests blue balloons, light soft, rounded case and soft lines sketched out the contours of the watch looks naturally presents elegant watch. Blue balloon W69010Z4 watch with 36 mm stainless steel material to build a case, the front and back are curved slightly rounded, with a recessed crown set with a synthetic spinel cabochon crown design Featured is also at the classic blue balloons. When through the sapphire crystal glass table mirror, silver guilloche dial with Roman numerals Glyph standard, the time scale at the crown of the guidelines deviated from the track, like a curved roads, tortuous and meandering. Sword-shaped blue steel hands, bit by bit rotation trajectories of time.

In power, the watch is equipped with a Cartier 690 quartz movement, to ensure that the small size of the watch, while eliminating the women on cumbersome mechanical watch chain. Silver polished link bracelet, emitting a metallic sheen, in summer wear comfortable and easy to clean, do not be afraid perspiration intrusion.

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