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Published: Saturday 22 August, 2015

Cartier is an internationally renowned jewelry brand, since 1847, Cartier with superb technology, high quality material and the famous ultimate creative, it is no exaggeration to say, Cartier's story is modern jewelry century changes history a hundred years, Cartier has been created from the exquisite humanity chief oeuvres incomparable.

For large Cartier jewelry brands in the world, love is the most important lifeline, because if there is no love, and dazzling jewelry industry is no vitality. Cartier born from the beginning was deeply concerned about human emotions, love watching the evolution and development, and therefore the meaning of sections to design a meaningful interpretation of the treasures of love. Trinity tri-color gold series, the series of love, and in 2011 will launch a series of special Bridal, are chief oeuvres on the? Love? and nourished these? classical works like the word "love" affects people like that forever, after the passage of time but never dim fading.

Trinity tri-color gold series is composed of three different gold rings: white gold on behalf of a friend, the loyal means gold, pink gold represents love, separated from each other and tied three gold rings, a symbol of love, rich connotation. Trinity Series ring you and your spouse, family or friends which means an island chain, independently of each other but are essential. This is the true meaning of love: love is a support, shine, tolerance, you have me, I have you


Born in the late 20's the actual 60 of the Cartier Love series from initial collaboration can bear the only couple "screwed" band began its interpretation of love known. Oval design, like a love of "straitjacket", representing each of the faithful and loving like the sea. Once they leave immediately became lovers respected symbol of love, it is the favorite of his wife of many stars. Subsequently, "live" image was used in a more flexible rings, pendants and other accessories, continue to follow the theme of love.

Cartier engaged walk in the arts, amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline and spinel as hanging out Love bridge network lock. The impetus for Paris along the Seine - Marne waves beating, turned into black lacquer dress and modern style bracelet with diamonds. c side of the river bank, one after another? s hollow and yet beautiful to me? me light, focus on reproducing the form of rings and bracelets impressive. Red lacquer jewelry interior decorated with iconic Cartier hue echoes, the distribution of a discrete charm maturity.

Wedding Wedding Series Cartier the name of love, highlighting the incomparable magic of love, selection of diamonds and mosaic cal excellence, become eternal choice of transfer of love. When durable sparkling diamonds encounter pure determination Chol platinum Cartier with a color and a name, become nothing to Pierre matched wonderful.

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