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Published: Friday 07 August, 2015
Cartier has many works inspired by animals, of which the most famous is the cheetah series. The cheetah's interpretation of three-dimensional modeling and neck seamless, fully demonstrated the sexy, intoxicating female beauty.    The early twentieth century, Cartier Trinity tri-color gold work debut, became the treasure of jewelry history. The expression of friendship with platinum, gold symbolizes loyalty, rose gold interpretation of love - tricyclic separate but interlocking, representing the earth three kinds of the best feelings, with simple but intrinsic and timeless design, has won numerous celebrities Ascot It favored to become long-lasting "classic" synonymous.    In 1970, Cartier designed a couple who love each bracelet represents. Bracelet with a unique "screw" design only with a special screwdriver to open by the couple, the symbol of love, loyalty and commitment.    Blue balloon Cartier watch is classic and innovative synthesizer, she learned a Cartier watch deep essence, get rid of the limitations of the traditional watch design. Large round convex sapphire, precious metals unprecedented protection bow, like a round non-circular, streamlined three-dimensional case, a unique sense of suspension and futuristic at first sight.    Hollywood love story can also find a Cartier figure. Famous actor Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor's love, sensation, such as today's Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as compelling. Elizabeth Taylor Burton order obsessed, love, caught them. Elizabeth Taylor is known to those who love jewelry, in order to please the beloved woman, Richard Burton to $ 1,069,000 offered to buy 69.42 karats of Cartier, "Bolton Taylor" pear-shaped diamond, gave his beloved wife - Elizabeth Taylor As a token of love.     In Kelly Princess 40th birthday, organized by "Scorpio Ball" on Elizabeth Tai Lepei wearing just her husband gave her legendary "Bolton Taylor" diamond, it is the first time Taylor wore the diamond to appear in public, then spend a five bodyguards.

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