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Published: Wednesday 12 August, 2015
Cartier new weapons in World War I the most shocking - French Renault tank inspiration. At that time, "simple is elegant" concept it is also shunned, but Cartier insisted its extraordinary vision, publicly advocated new aesthetic standards. Over the years, the integration of first-class quality and avant-garde design of Tank watch, modern lasting for years, always stand in front of the times, is called VeryImportantObject watch history.     Unified vision, establish the purpose of symbols it is to deliver the brand to highlight the inherent philosophy, and stroke unique visual segmentation, establish distinctive image. Cartier mainly from two aspects, one color vision, the second is the brand symbol. Such as Cartier burgundy, light blue Tiffany. A long time, the brand will be the color set brand of visual memory. In addition, the symbols can help establish a unique brand image, such as Cartier cheetah, a combination of lv, burberry squares and so on.    Development of things always follow certain rules, the development will gradually decline after the extreme. Europe luxury vogue in the 1930s, and hedonism in power. Cartier developed to its peak in the third generation to take over, "Cartier family" has become a "Cartier dynasty, however, did not last long, in 1939 the outbreak of World War II. In 1942, Louis Cartier and Jacques Cartier have died after World War II people talk about most is the cities and factories of construction, luxury goods in a more awkward position. Cartier central figure in the beginning by the Cartier family fourth generation of power, but the Cartier family cohesion increasingly weaker, when the social background of the development of the luxury goods industry is extremely negative. After the 1962 disaster in New York big stock market after the United States Cartier were sold in 1964, when Bali Ka Cartier store also started selling a portion of the shares. By 1966, when Cartier fully grasp the store, leaving only 伦敦卡 Cartier shop. Just 20 years time, the 20th century's largest jeweler empire shattered due to the temptation of wealth.     In 1988, under the name of Anton Rupert Richemont Group was formally established in Switzerland. Robert family through the cycle incremental approach ultimately successful acquisition of Cartier. Richemont from inception to the present has experienced twists and turns, but in the interior Richemont has a name still significant, noticeable, that is - Cartier. It has experienced more than 160 years of history, still sparkling in Richemont.

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