One is called Cartier has become the world's "King of jewelry."

Published: Friday 14 August, 2015
A top international luxury brand called the "king of jewelers, jeweler of kings", nearly 160 years has been concentrated weave their own stories and spreading various ways. So, if some people think, 160 years in business Cartier jewelry, watches and other luxury goods, it would be wrong, because in addition to these, more importantly, Cartier has also been running his own story. Recalling Cartier history is recalled modern jewelry century changes of history, in the course of development of Cartier, has been maintained with countries of royalty and celebrities are closely related contacts and close contacts, and has become a luxury dream of global fashion. For centuries, the reputation of "king of jewelers, jeweler of kings" Cartier is still in its extraordinary creativity and perfect technology for humanity created many exquisite, unparalleled masterpiece. Cartier's legendary story began in 1847. 29-year-old Louis-Francois Cartier (1819 - 1904) took over from the master Adolphe Picard in Paris 29, Rue Montorgueil Cartier was founded (3) of the jewelry store. In 1846, Louis-Francois to his name initials L and C around the deliberately formed a diamond-shaped marks, registered the Cartier company, which means that the official birth of Cartier, shaped logo symbolizes a legendary love story and the beginning of the Kingdom luxury. Paris at the time, after the scramble for the throne of some turbulence, but also restored the flashy Huadu weather, greatly promoted the prosperity Paris jewelery industry. Cartier lucky enough to get a young cousin of Napoleon III, Princess Mathilde's recommendation, the business is growing. In 1902, Cartier opened a shop has moved from Paris to London and New York, New York, becoming the kingdom of Cartier's headquarters. Only two generations from father to son, Cartier has become the world's "King of jewelry."  Cartier was founded in 1847 and established in Paris, France In 1847 年, Louis-Fran & ccedil; ois Cartier in Paris, 29 Rue Montorgueil his teacher Adolphe Picard took over the jewelry workshop. Maison Cartier was born. In 1899, Maison Cartier Maison moved to the current address: 13 rue de la Paix. The Maison Cartier future by three brothers control: Louis, Pierre and Jacques. They traveled the world, from India to Russia, from the Persian Gulf to the United States. Branch respectively in 1902 and 1909 set up in London and New York. Thus laying the cornerstone of the Maison Cartier. Cartier soon reputations in the European court's reputation. Prince of Wales, praised Cartier as "king of jewelers and the jeweler of kings", and awarded Cartier in 1904 as a British court supplier of the British Court of First Warrant. Cartier designed to travel around the world have found the three brothers exotic civilization features. Today, Cartier design, whether it is high-end jewelry or contemporary jewelry product lines, such as Caresser d'Orchidées par Cartier collection, were based on a unique technology know-how, style and expertise on the interpretation of the Maison's values.

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