The new L'Odyssée de Cartier jewelry debut

Published: Tuesday 25 August, 2015

Cartier jewelry, superb technology, high-quality material and the ultimate creative world-renowned. Whether Panthere cheetah series, Bridal wedding ring series, or Trinity tri-color gold series, LOVE series, Amulette de Cartier series, as well as numerous fine jewelry works are handed eternal classic, and luxurious dream to become a global fashion.

December 4, 2013Cartier Collection will celebrate the World Tour stop on the Grand Palais in Paris, France. The new exhibition for three and a half months, from the Grand Palace Hall of Fame's chief curator Laurent Salomé curatorial tradition, will be "Cartier: epic style" as the theme, through the interpretation of the legendary history of Cartier, show the rich artistic ideas and Changing Times taste.

February 28, 2014, known as "the French Oscar," said the 39th French César Award presentation ceremony was held at the Grand Theatre. A symbol of the French film industry's highest level of Caesar Award in 1976, founded by George carat Weiner, who is also the founder of Moliere theater awards. Caesar Award each year by the French Society of Motion Picture Arts and Technology about 3500 professionals elected.

whisper sweet words reveal fragrant soak into the depths, staring with concern the release of strong hot, with Valentine's Day quietly dropped, cold winter gradually slipped wrapped costumes, bursting out with colorful spring pretty colors. Insight into the true meaning of love Cartier draws inspiration sweet, tender and beautiful flowers contrast with classical works, sketched love Chunhua.

bred from the classics in the endless creativity always is the essence of fine jewelry. This time, Cartier stick extreme aesthetics and craftsmanship at the same time, in order to explore the wider world of complex and diverse scenery beautiful drive, a unique perspective compose a tribute to fine jewelry, opened some new style journey. If this series likened to a continent ...... that is a border between dreams and reality across the continent, to stimulate creativity inspiration center in one place. Undoubtedly, one of the representatives of Africa called. Cartier indulge traveled in Africa and embrace the vast expanse of the remainder, with an abundance of vibrant colors and precious ......

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